Mortgage Italy provides investors interested in purchasing a property in Italy with a free online tool to get the most updated mortgage quotes based on variables such as value of the property, purpose of the mortgage, etc. Getting a mortgage quote is a first step before verifying its feasibility in relation to personal incomes, savings, etc. Upon request, Mortgage Italy experts will work as intermediaries between the investor and the bank in order to succesfully get the mortgage.


Funds availabilityAvailable funds

Get advantage of the free online tool provided by Mortgage Italy to receive the most updated quotes on the mortgage you are interested in. The 1-minute procedure will provide you with a quote and the interest rates of the mortgage. A link also will be provided, through which you will be able to verify, thanks to Mortgage Italy experts, the feasibility of the mortgage based on your personal incomes and financial status.

choose mortgageChoose your mortgage

The quote includes different options depending on the type of mortgage (fixed/variable/mixed rate mortage) and the plan to return funds. You will then be able to choose the option that suits your specific needs and possibilities and ask support on this important matter from our experts.

income recordsIncome Records

After the verification of the mortgage feasibility by Mortgage Italy experts, you will receive a list of documents that banks will require when evaluating a mortgage request: registry and income documents, most of all. Documents concerning the property must be provided by the real estate agency. Once in possession of all the documents, the folder will be sent to the bank to officially request the mortgage.

codice fiscaleGet your own Tax Code

People willing to perform financial transactions in Italy must be in possess of a Tax Code (Codice Fiscale, in Italian). The Tax Code can be requested from the Italian Tax Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate). Mortgage italy experts can carry out the request procedure on your behalf. To do so, power of attorney must be given. We will then send you a document that must be signed and sent back.

purchase completeComplete the purchase

The final step of the purchase procedure. Mortgage Italy experts will support you in finding a notary where to sign the purchase agreement and the mortgage itself. If coming to Italy is a problem, you will be able to officially appoint someone you trust to perform the procedure on your behalf.