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How much does a mortgage cost?

There is much talk these days about mortgages, interest rates and spreads so what, in reality, are the costs that you incur if you choose to apply for a mortgage in Italy? Here to explain it in more detail is our expert, Dr. Efisio Borrelli. The costs involved in obtaining a mortgage cover the following: […]

Six secrets to purchase a home in Italy for less

How to acquire a property in Italy at a lower price? Below is a compilation of several basic tips (or secrets) that you can apply to get a bargain if possible when buying a home in Italy: 1. Actual property value There was a considerable drop in property prices after the beginning of the economic crisis […]

Weak euro lure foreign buyers

To live or spend one’s vacation in a castle or a manor house is a dream that can come true. That is, provided you have the time and money to invest not only in the purchase but especially in the maintenance, costly and often difficult, of that property. It is a dream that attracts mostly […]