Mortgage application

MORTGAGE ITALY consists of a team of Italian professionals boasting 30 years of experience in the Italian real estate market.

Italy is certainly one of the most fascinating countries in the world, but also one of the most complex in terms regulations and laws. Getting a mortgage approved by an Italian bank can be difficult, especially for a non resident. Mortgage Italy’s experts have a history of many property buying/selling operations and an extensive expertise of the banking system; they provide customers willing to invest in Italy with a free online tool designed to introduce users to the mortgage process that will eventually lead to the purchase of an Italian property.

The online tool provides users with updated mortgage quotes: the first step before officially asking for a mortgage. It is up to the user, then, to either decide to proceed alone or ask for expert’s help. Mortgage Italy team of real estate experts can support users to solve all the administrative issues that imply the supply of documents to the bank, the production of detailed reports regarding personal incomes, the verification of the finacial situation, etc.

Mortgage Italy’s goal is to provide foreing customers with a tailor-made service to help them access funds from Italian banks. We aim also at being recognized as trustful resources for customers who intend to invest in the treasures of Italy.

Mortgage Italy’s experts work transparently, dispensing a specific expertise.